Hi guys my name is Cayla, I started working out with Chris a few months ago, and I've gotten the results I wanted to get. I'm more fit, more cut, he's helped me out a lot. Get into the gym and get with him, he's the best guy.

- Cayla 

I started working with Chris a few months ago and i feel and look great! I definitely have more endurance. Don't wait to work out, just do it! He's the guy to get you where you want to be. 

- Kimberly Stevens 

Started at 235lbs and about 2 months later I am weighing in at 215 lbs. Thanks to Chris Cruz and his training. Chris taught me proper form and how to safely workout. Chris stands right with you for every exercise and demonstrates each one first. 
Chris taught me proper breathing and technique while weight lifting and showed me how to correctly grip the bar and free weights.
I am stronger and my endurance has greatly improved. I love the way my body is transforming and my friends,family and coworkers have noticed the change in my body and spirit. Definitely more energy and strength because of Chris Cruz. I look forward to working out with Chris because I know its going to be hard but fun!! Thank You Chris Cruz for getting me back on tract with my health. Your the BEST!!!
Thank You,
Nancy Jacobs